Buying a Home in Greater Toronto

Platinum Buyer Rebate Program - You Get Money Back*

When you're ready to buy a home, we offer rebate programs* as listed below on the website.


Normally when buying a home the seller offers a commission to the buyer’s agent.

With Through my services when you find your home and are ready to purchase I will represent you and rebate 50% of the commission paid to me after the close of your purchase.*


Buyers Package example 1

$500,000.00 Home x 2.5%  x 50% commission (paid by seller)

As your buyers agent we rebate to you, our customer 50% of the commission offered to cooperating brokers*

In the above example that works out to a $6250.00 cheque to you the buyer!!!!!


List of provided services include:


*Rebate Advertised Herein is being offered 1 fee sale and the offer is available through Peter Persechini only not other registrants of the brokerage.  The Rebate will be paid within 10 days of receipt of the commission being paid

Rebate is only available on properties where a 2% or higher commission is paid to Buyer’s Brokerage.

This offer is not intended to solicit persons currently under contract to another brokerage.

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