About 1 FeeSale

1feeSale  is a service that is provided to the public by licenced Realtors®. 1feeSale was formed with the intent to save clients thousands of dollars in commission fees.  Traditional real estate brokerages charge exuberant commissions costing you thousands of dollars in fees. Property values have increased substantially over the last 15 years and many Realtors® have not adjusted their commissions rate. With 1feeSale you can list your property for as little as $649.00. Our goal is to save our clients equity in their properties.

Compare a 5% Comission Sale .........Property sells for $500000.00 commission $25000.00

1feeSale charges as low as $649.00.....Property Sells for $500000.00 commission $649.00 a savings  $24351.00

The only question that remains is....... What will you do with the money you saved using “1feeSale”?